Composite fillings are used for the correction of cavities, caries,  small fractures, small cracks and abrasions in the tooth by applying a white filling carefully matched to the natural tooth. They are also used to fill in gaps between teeth.

White composite fillings, also known as “tooth-coloured fillings”, are dental repair materials designed to have a natural appearance and are inconspicuous. They blend well with teeth. They look more natural than dark coloured and more noticeable amalgam fillings. Also the ceramic and plastic compounds they are made of chemically adhere to teeth, along with special abrasive compounds to ensure a lasting hold. Composite fillings are used to fill the decayed areas of the teeth or to help repair worn or broken teeth. They are more often used in front teeth for aesthetic purposes

In our clinic, white composite filling material is used for all fillings

Preventive Treatment

In order to maintain your healthy tooth structure and beautiful smile, we recommend that you have your teeth checked and cleaned every six months. During the check-ups, it is possible to notice the bruises at an early stage and enables us to treat the tooth while it is still healthy. During the control, your dentist will clean the dental stones and bacteria in your teeth, clean and disinfect the decayed areas and apply the appropriate fillings to protect the remaining tooth structure.

Composite Filling

  • It is especially compatible with the natural colour of the tooth structure.
  • It is extremely durable.
  • Contrary to amalgam fillings, it is mercury free.
  • While being made, the gum is scraped less during the necessary cleaning.

White Composite Filling Application Process

During the filling, local anaesthesia will be applied to your gums and teeth near the filling area by your dentist. Once area is numb, the decayed or damaged part of the teeth will be removed. White composite filling material will be applied on to the damaged area and it will be light cured. It will then be corrected and polished in the most appropriate way in terms of appearance and use.

Post Filling

The teeth will be functional immediately after filling. They may be cleaned the same as normal teeth by brushing and using dental floss. It is normal to feel sensitivity to hot and cold food and drinks during the first week following the treatment, but sensitivity that persists for more than a week should be reported to your dentist.