Gum contouring is a simple treatment mainly used for aesthetic purposes, effectively correcting, and reshaping uneven or excessive gum. The procedure is often used to correct a ‘gummy’ smile or to restore gum tissue that has receded, and the tooth is exposed more than it should be. It is amongst the least painful treatments with a fast recovery and can change your smile greatly. The treatment is also carried out in less than 1 hour. There will be some sensitivity and tenderness for a few days afterwards. The healing takes a few days and will be completely back to normal before 1 week.

The excess gum tissue will safely be removed by our dental experts. They take care only to take away the required amount of tissue, ensuring your gum line is even.

If there is not a sufficient amount of gum tissue, our dentists are able to replace the tissue from the neighbouring area or other suitable parts of your mouth. The roots of all your teeth will be covered, leaving you to make the most of your new glamorous smile.

Often gum contouring can be used to quickly and efficiently eliminate periodontitis (gum disease) instead of lengthy use of antibiotics.